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BTS: A Day With Andreas Hem

BTS: A Day With Andreas Hem

Like an episode of Cribs, in this video, we go behind the scenes with Andreas Hem to learn about his creative process and how he creates content for his channels.

In this series, we’re along for the ride capturing exactly what happens before a creator hits the ‘publish’ button, documenting the creative process and the challenges that come with filming and editing video content on the go.

We meet Andreas at his studio in Oslo, Norway and shows us around before we jump into the car and hit the road for two different locations. The first, a prop scouting mission. “I always think of this as an investment,” Andreas explains as we arrive at a boating shop to search for flares to use in footage to be filmed later in the day. “You can use this footage for so much, like a product launch or something a client might want in future…”

The next? The main shoot for some B-roll footage at a secret location - the “Epic Scene” as it’s henceforth known - and we discover his creative process. Andreas - alongside his brother Erik and the small team behind Twins productions - are really just picking a location, buying some props and “playing around with them and see how it looks” in order to see the result. It could go either way, but they have the courage and the vision to put together a scene and an idea from scratch without knowing how it may turn out.

Back in the studio, Andreas delves into the Epidemic Sound archive to find the perfect soundtrack for the footage just shot – “epic, but doesn’t need to be too epic, still a little chill” he explains as he clicks through many different tracks seamlessly. He then shows he expertly layers the stems of a particular track to make it more epic and precisely the sound and feel that he wants. “If you don’t want the drums, you can take them out, if you hear a super nice melody and just want that, you can do that,” he adds.

In a side snippet whilst editing, Andreas gives some advice to others on breaking into the industry, saying “get a camera, firstly, and if you’re in a small town basically just ask the biggest DJ who is from that town playing in the local club or whatever if you can shoot them, then you have a number of shots to produce a showreel and you can begin contacting elsewhere”. He also talks about some of his favourite past work, including epic video content for the likes of Red Bull and Will Smith.  

He may make it look so easy, but “it is easy” Andreas explains, “just have the right camera, and have fun!”

You can follow Andreas Hem on YouTube and Instagram.

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BTS: A Day With Andreas Hem
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