5 Clever Ways of Marketing a Video Production Business

You’ve earned your stripes, perfected your craft and now you want to spread the word and start marketing your video production packages.

5 Clever Ways of Marketing a Video Production Business

You have the video production skills. You’ve earned your stripes, perfected your craft and now you want to spread the word and start marketing your video production packages.

Where do you begin? It can be daunting in a highly competitive industry without some expertise (and a lot of budget), so here’s some simple and clever marketing ideas for your video production company.

1. Showcase on social media

To become a video production marketing master, there’s one crucial step – your production company needs a presence on social media, in addition to your slick website. Social media does require time but it should be high on any video production company’s marketing plan.

You will reach thousands of timelines and have access to millions of pairs of eyes if you have an active presence on the key social media channels of your choice. Join the conversation on Twitter. Share clips on Instagram. Engage and listen to your audience on Facebook. If you’re asking ‘how to effectively market a video production business?’, the answer is ‘make its voice distinct and make it heard’.

2. Collaborate: seek synergy!

It’ simple math: 2+2=5. Trust us, that’s correct! If you’re really keen on marketing video production packages or services, link up with other content and video producers. Connect with fellow freelancers and small video production companies and create friendly working relationships. Collaborate. Critique each other. Combine your specific skills on certain projects. If another video production business can’t commit to an exciting project, they might send it your way and likewise you to them.

You’ll benefit from cross-promotion and you will also make really good industry contacts. You might even become friends… who doesn’t want some fellow talented friends in their industry?

3. Build your network: trade shows and events

For companies with a substantial marketing budget for video production, consider attending trade shows. Be warned: there can be high costs to exhibit and you’ll need a n eye-catching stand that grabs attention and piques interest. You’ll need reliable A/V equipment to market your video production portfolio as well as brochures and business cards. But more than that, you’ll need to talk the talk. You need to be confident in engaging with people and selling what you do.

4. Analyse stats: crunch the numbers

No one wants to throw away hard-earned money and one of the biggest hurdles of marketing video production content is cost. Try this: market your video production service initially using a combination of tactics and then analyse your return on investment. Only then should you develop a longer term marketing plan.

  • Was boosting Facebook posts worth the cost?
  • Did your marketing video on LinkedIn earn you valuable leads and likes?
  • Was that community event a valuable showcase of your skills and use of your time?

Crunch the numbers and if something in your marketing plan is not working quite as well, remedy it or ditch it. Don’t waste time or money where it’s not working.

5. Quality content means word of mouth

When developing a marketing strategy, how many other video production businesses consider allowing their experience, portfolio and skills speak for itself? Hear us out: marketing your video production company online will earn you interested followers who can become potential customers or clients. But in order to get great work, you need to market great work but first you need to produce great work. Showcase your style, earn satisfied customers and create an engaged audience who love what you produce, they will organically spread the word for you and celebrate what you do, which is marketing gold!

When considering marketing video production it really boils down to playing an active, enterprising role, whether that’s being engaged on social media, seeking out collaborations or spotting opportunities to network whilst analysing your stats and focusing on high quality content should always fuel your future marketing activities.

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