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Uncomplicated global licensing for all your audio and visual use.

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Royalty-Free Music

We let you distribute music worldwide without any additional fees. We give you full monetization and no copyright issues.

Curated Library

We offer unparallelled quality tracks that are curated by one of the most awarded and respected music production teams in the world.


Fast and easy-to-use tools make discovering the right track and licensing it easier than ever.

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Royalty Free Music Re-imagined

Other libraries claim to be Royalty Free – they let you distribute your content but you need to report usage and pay performance royalties. Epidemic Sound has changed the game. No reporting, no royalties, no hassle – just professional grade production music for global distribution.

How It Works

Fast intuitive music discovery

Our easy-to-use search and browse tools make discovering and downloading music from the library a breeze. Filter by mood, tempo and genre to quickly find the perfect track for your production. Download split instruments to edit like a pro even if you just started out – making it even easier to loop and breakdown your audio mix to fit with the scene.

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How it works

Pay for unlimited use of a track within your production.

Choose the right license for your production

Standard License

Our general purpose license that covers a single production or episode on TV, Radio and Online.

  • coveredNon-scripted TV shows
  • coveredRadio Shows
  • coveredEditorial Production
  • coveredCorporate Videos
  • coveredPodcasts, Vlogs & Social Media
  • coveredStudent or Charity
Advertising License

The license covers use of a track in a single advertisement spot in perpetuity.

Prices vary depending on platform and region.

  • coveredTV Commercials
  • coveredRadio Commercials
  • coveredOnline Ad's & Pre-rolls
  • coveredSocial Media Advertising
  • coveredLive Event Advertising
  • coveredCompany Website and Social Media
Customized License

For productions not covered by our other licenses. Surprise us with your creative projects!

Contact us for the best price available

  • coveredVignettes
  • coveredTheme Songs
  • coveredChannel Identifications
  • coveredGames & Apps
  • coveredFeature Films & Scripted TV
  • coveredSurprise Us!

Producing a lot of content?

We provide a Corporate Subscription for all your production needs.

  • Pay a fixed fee for your company's needs
  • Complete cost control and predictability
  • No reporting or administration

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