Frequently Asked Questions


What is production music?

Production music, also called library music, refers to recorded music that can be licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media. All our tracks are newly composed for us, and made specifically to be used in audiovisual productions.

How can I buy music from Epidemic Sound?

There are four different ways to purchase music from Epidemic Sound:

  1. Single Track Licensing - License music directly online by paying for unlimited use of one track in your production. We offer licenses for corporate videos, branded content, TV and radio as well as for advertising on all platforms. Save money on our Standard License by paying just for the number of seconds you end up using!
  2. Corporate Subscription - A monthly fixed-fee and all-you-can-eat subscription. No reporting, no administration, complete cost control and budget predictability. Please contact us for a quote.
  3. YouTube Creator Subscription - Use unlimited amounts of music for your content with full monetization! We offer a 30 day free trial for all new subscribers.
  4. Vignettes and other licenses - Get customised licenses for your specific needs. Please contact us for a quote.