TwitchCon is the pinnacle event for streamers. It connects streamers with each other, with viewers, brands and the company itself.

With a variety of events ranging from education to entertainment, from meet-and-greets to casual meetups, and everything in between - TwitchCon really is an exceptional event. If you’re a streamer, this is going to be the one event of the year you do NOT want to miss. Let’s take a look at what to expect at TwitchCon.

Take in the keynote

One of the most important events of TwitchCon is the keynote. Given by the CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, the keynote is where all the exciting announcements happen. It’s where you hear about the latest big news and developments coming to Twitch. Everything from platform updates for viewers and creators, to the latest initiatives to increase the platform appeal. Not only that, but it’s an incredible opportunity to be among other creators and connect with them pre-and-post keynote.

Learn from dozens of panels

One of the best learning experiences at TwitchCon are the panels. Every day there are dozens of hour-long sessions that cover everything from monetization to community building to legal aspects. Panels range from experts in the industry to fellow streamers that have achieved success. These sessions are often a gem for streamers on the come up as they provide the incredible insight they otherwise wouldn’t find.

Meet your favorite streamers

If you’re a streamer OR a viewer, TwitchCon presents opportunities to meet and possibly even hang out with your favourite streamers. Some of the top streamers have meet and greet sessions where you can chat with them for a little bit and snap a photo. Others arrange for community meetups at areas around the convention. And, if you’re lucky, you may just run into your favourite streamers at restaurants or in public.

Take in some high tier tournaments

If gameplay is your thing, TwitchCon always hosts some high-level tournament play. This year, with the advent of Twitch Rivals, expect to see some gameplay from your favourite competitive gameplay. Top streamers will go head to head in a live atmosphere for some of the most exciting IRL gameplay you’ll experience with a crowd of other excited viewers. Keep an eye out for schedules and players so you don’t miss a minute of the action!

Attend the cosplay contest

The Cosplay Contest has become one of the major highlights of TwitchCon. Cosplayers have to submit their costumes ahead of time for a chance to appear on stage for the official contest. That ensures that the quality of the cosplays is incredibly high. You’ll often see things you’ve never seen before, as well as some of the most creative and well-made costumes ever. It’s always a great fan event that includes a passionate and excited audience.

Network with fellow streamers

If you’re a streamer, there’s no time like TwitchCon to connect with your fellow broadcasters. Whether you’ve hosted them and follow each other already OR you’re learning about them for the first time, TwitchCon is full of opportunity. As a streamer, you should be prepared to share your channel details and let them know quickly what you’re all about. It’s one of the greatest ways to grow your channel and meet new friends who know exactly what you’re going through. Networking with fellow streamers is one of the best ways to expand both of your communities and prosper.

Meet your viewers

As a streamer, you should make a concerted effort to connect with your viewers. Arrange a small community meetup at a designated location near TwitchCon. This kind of thing can be a huge community builder, and bring your audience members in closer than ever. The opportunity to put a face to the username bridges the gap and makes things feel more personal. Even if only one or two people show up, those people will forever be part of your community!

Connect with brands and potential sponsors

Too few people attending TwitchCon take advantage of the opportunity to connect with brands. These brands are actively there looking to meet hungry streamers wanting to be sponsored. Most streamers don’t do anything when it comes to brands and instead, shy away from meeting them. TwitchCon is where major deals are done – often, with some of the smallest streamers! So, don’t hesitate and go say hello to those brand reps on the show floor. It may just change your life.

Check out some new games and buy some merch

Last but not least, spend some time exploring some possible games to play on stream. TwitchCon has entire sections with video games soon to be released, games you may not know about, and indie developers. You can oftentimes grab keys for these games too if you ask! Finally, make sure you grab some merch while you’re there. Twitch merch remains some of the most coveted and exclusive merch on the market, and often only offered in limited supply. There are many stories of people wearing their Twitch merch in public post-TwitchCon and having people want to talk to you about the platform. The Bleed Purple community is one of the strongest in the world, and Twitch Merch helps identify fellow community members.