Thoughts Every YouTuber Has Before Hitting "Publish"

Pressing ‘Publish’ on a video is one of the more difficult things that we do as YouTubers.

Thoughts Every YouTuber Has Before Hitting "Publish"

Ah come on, stop laughing and hear me out. You can record, edit, create a thumbnail and write descriptions - but none of it is public until we publish it.

The act of publishing a video means it's no longer in our control, which can be both incredibly scary and exhilarating. I know you’ve felt one of the below...

Will my subscribers love this?

LOVE ME! Puhlease! I always want them to love my content, you always want them to love your content - it’s just the truth.

Whether they will or not is a little bit of a mystery! Here's hoping...

Is the thumbnail and title clickbaity enough?

Mouth open looking shocked, lots of colours and a title that begs the user to click... I think I got it!

But, not too clickbaity right?

Did I go too far? If I’m asking that, I probably did, but #yolo

Will this even go to my subscribers feeds?

I worked really, really hard... please YouTube Gods, deliver this to their feeds! NOW!

Should I watch it one more time to make sure it's perfect?

Like, I have already watched it 72 times, my BFF to watched it 17 times and I even got my grandma to watch it 3 times (she fell asleep before I could try the fourth) and I've watched it so many times I'm noticing things happening in the background and worrying about it...errrr...just one more time won’t hurt!

Should I publish this at 15:17 or 05:19 or 19:22?

Or maybe it should be a nice even 16.00? If I post this now, it's perfect for kids getting out of school. But in two hours it'll be better for the West Coast. Wait, what about my international viewers? Ahhhh!

Does the music fit perfectly? Maybe I should try it with something else?

I've basically downloaded the entire Epidemic Sound music library... and oh boy is it ON FLEEK, there's just so many options!

There's that one edgy joke in there... is everyone going to be offended?

It’s just a teeny tiny little joke about Trump. It's not even that edgy...but do I want to get political?

Oh man, it’s time to re-edit. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

What if a commentary YouTuber doesn't like it and makes a video about it?!

I mean... I'm sure ALL my videos might be cringey to someone. It might even be good for my channel. Oooh yeah, that could work! I hope it does get picked up by a commentary YouTuber.

Fingers crossed because you never really know what might set off ContentID... yes, that's copyright music, but I'm vlogging at a concert!

Sorry YouTube, we’re in the 21st century - get with the programme!