If you’ve read our blog about the history of Direct Music Licensing, you might wonder about how direct license is put into action in the music industry.

Here, you’ll understand the benefits of royalty-free music using the direct license method for composers, content creators and production companies around the world whilst changing the music industry at a record rate.

For composers – payment up-front

Composers get their payment first and up-front. All music commissioned and all the parties involved are given their share in a music licensing agreement before the content is used in any way. However, in this way they do effectively forego future royalties, instead transferring all rights to the publisher.

For creators – reduced costs

There are various different types of rights associated with public performance, and public here does indeed refer to the digital arena as well. If you want to distribute or broadcast your self-produced content, like a YouTube video with a piece of music within it, you’re liable to pay public performance fees and because of the global nature of video sharing platforms and websites, the content is being distributed internationally into many different markets – meaning even more rights and usage issues.

To save yourself getting immediately claimed, blocked or copyright striked by the likes of YouTube, you’re safe in the knowledge that choosing royalty-free music via direct licensing offers you all the separate licenses you require under one overall, far-reaching license.

For composers – peace of mind

Some composers, creatives and artists prefer this method as it’s a clearer structure and frees up their time to continue focusing on new music rather than working out deals, cuts and royalties.

Instead focusing time and effort on their own skills, rather than being stuck in several convoluted conversations at one time over a single piece of work to ensure they get a fair price.

For creators – peace of mind, too

By including synchronisation and mechanical rights in direct license agreements, individual creators and media companies can sync music to content and freely distribute across platforms, countries and continents while dramatically reducing administration and liability toward collecting societies.

For creators – far greater choice

Did you know that Epidemic Sound is one of the largest and fastest growing databases of globally-available direct license music? With online databases like ours, content creators have access to a huge variety of music at any time to use as needed.

Better still, databases like ours offer an incredibly eclectic selection of music styles, ranges and even very subtle differences in similar tracks delivering greater choice but without added costs. Because of direct licensing agreements that companies like Epidemic Sound take care of, everything we provide is royalty-free.

For everyone – less risk

Using the direct license model offers a more straightforward and direct transaction between parties, so there’s less margin of error plus it’s a more streamlined, visible and easier to understand process.

Before this, the music industry was an almost in navigable sea of publishers, composers, content creators, collecting societies and organisations taking percentage cuts and signing off on specific deals at every turn. Direct License makes royalty-free music available under one big umbrella license.

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