The Best Ways Of Finding Trends For Your Live Streaming Videos

One of the great parts about live streaming is that first keyword – live. Today, we’re exploring ways of finding trends for your live streaming videos!

The Best Ways Of Finding Trends For Your Live Streaming Videos

One of the great parts about live streaming is that first keyword – live. Unlike other video formats, live streaming has the benefit of being in the moment, which gives you a ton of opportunity to capitalize on trends.

When a trend starts to take hold, it often started in a small part of the internet. As the trend picks up heat, it grows and consumes every platform from blogging to Twitter to YouTube. As a live streamer, you can grow an audience quicker by taking advantage of those trends. But how do you find them? Today, we’re exploring the best ways at finding trends for your live streaming videos!

Start on Reddit

Anything that becomes popular on the internet inevitably appears on the front page of Reddit. One of the benefits of being live is that you don’t need to be ‘first’ but rather you need to deliver on the trend AS it becomes popular. Let other people figure out what’s interesting, and then capitalize on it.

Now that said, if you want to be ready for an upcoming trend you should spend some time on other subreddits. Videos, memes and other visual subreddits are an ideal place to start. There, you’ll find what’s becoming popular before it hits the front page – giving you adequate time to prepare for something being popular. Once it starts to become mainstream, your live stream will be ready to provide content for those searching for it!

Keep an eye on Twitter

Twitter is where news breaks. Everything from viral videos to popular memes makes their way to Twitter even before they appear on Reddit. That gives you excellent early access to content for your live stream. As a live streamer, your content is often ephemeral. At best, a trend may last two weeks for your stream. Twitter’s live trends tab allows you to see exactly what people are looking for at the moment. Cater your content on stream to those trends, and you’ll likely see an increase in viewership!

Watch YouTube

YouTube content takes a long time to film and edit, meaning that it often is the last place that trends appear on. That said, if a particular trend is popular on YouTube, that can be a great sign for what to do with your stream. You already know that the trend is popular in a video format, and based on people’s videos, will understand what people like and don’t like. YouTube is a bit like a content incubator for streamers. It provides polished finished products aimed at capitalizing on a trend. You can take that insight, and bring it to your stream to offer similar content but in a live setting. Thus serving an untapped market where there is obvious demand.

Google Trends is an excellent tool at discovering trends people are looking for. Google feeds search data into Trends based upon what people are looking for. From there, Google gives the search term an overall ranking and charts how it is growing or declining. As a streamer, you can look at that data to see what the fastest growing search terms are. Then, it’s as simple as incorporating those fast-growing terms into your stream. Is it a celebrity story? Or a big news story? What about a viral challenge? Google Trends provides you amazing insight into the minds of the general population. The more people that are searching for a specific type of content, the likelier you are for audiences to find you.

Explore the strange world of Tiktok

Tiktok was originally called Musically, and has become one of the most popular platforms for young people. Where Vine left a vacuum when it collapsed, Tiktok has filled the gap. TikTok’s short, nonsensical videos may not seem like the natural place to find trends but it’s surprisingly powerful. Instead of offering clear trends, it instead creates them. If Reddit is where trends start to go mainstream, and Google Trends is where they meet the masses, Tiktok is often where some trends start. Much of today’s current video memes (sound effects and jokes), all started on Vine – and Vine died over 2 years ago. That’s the impact and legacy that Tiktok can have on video content moving forward.

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