Struggles Every YouTuber Will Face

You’re sitting at your desk, editing a video and thinking “the struggle is REAL”! Rest assured, you’re not alone!

Struggles Every YouTuber Will Face

You’re sitting at your desk, editing a video and thinking “the struggle is REAL”! Rest assured, you’re not alone! There are struggles that every YouTuber will face and how you deal with it will define your experience as a YouTuber.

You can panic, fall apart and cry yourself to sleep - or you can face it head on and strengthen your resolve. Here are some of the most common struggles ever YouTuber will face!

The loneliness can be suffocating

One of the hardest things of being a YouTuber is, ironically, the loneliness you’ll have. While you’re creating content for tens of thousands of viewers, who all feel like they know you, inside you may feel a little empty.

You spend hours alone filming, editing and then promoting your content. Friends often don’t understand your lifestyle, and getting together can be difficult. It’s why so many YouTubers make friends with other YouTubers - the struggle of loneliness is a common feeling!

Your thumbnails will constantly make you crazy

Thumbnails are one of the most important things about promoting your content. It’s the first thing people see and inspires them to click. Which is why they will almost certainly drive you crazy!

Finding the perfect thumbnail frame is hard enough, but then you need to edit it to make it perfect. Increase the saturation, turn up the brightness, and other things to help it POP. But then, within days, weeks or months - you’ll look at that thumbnail and hate it. Back to the drawing board.

Video editing is stressful

Making videos is fun. It’s a chance for your personality to shine, and you to share something great with the audience. Editing videos is stressful and time consuming.

For every minute of video you put out, chances are you’re doing 1-4 hours of video editing! Then there’s the risk of a program crash, lost inspiration and dozens of other ways you may hate your video before you even finish editing it. Know that every YouTuber hits the video editing wall at some point!

You cringe at your old content

Inevitably, your content will make you cringe. YouTubers look back on their content from the past and wonder how the heck anyone enjoyed it. It has bad sound, poor lighting, the editing is terrible - it’s just a bad video.

But remember, that’s based on your content today. If it wasn’t for you creating those old videos, you wouldn’t be where you are now. You learn as you go, and your content improves after each upload!

The comment section will bring you to tears

The comment section can make you happy that people love your content - but it can also bring you to tears. Thanks to relative anonymity, commenters can say the worst things and get away with it. So, even if you get 999 positive comments... it’s that one negative comment that could stick with you for years. Just take solace in the fact that every other YouTuber has a comment or two that has brought them to tears. You’re not alone in this struggle!

You’ll feel bad for taking a break

Want to take a break? Prepare to feel like you’re wasting your time. On YouTube, the sentiment of audiences is that if you go away for a month - they’ll be gone too. But that’s not really true. So, if you need a break, or a vacation... take it! Yes, you’ll feel a bit bad about it, but it’ll be worth it for your mental health!

The constant fear of being irrelevant

There’s a constant fear of being irrelevant on YouTube. It could be an algorithm change by YouTube, and as such no one sees your videos any more. Or maybe, all at once, your audience changes what they like and your videos get no views. Every YouTuber lives with this fear.

Fortunately, despite our fears you rarely disappear overnight. As long as you keep evolving as a creator, and developing new content - you’ll never truly be irrelevant!

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