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Elevate Your Videos With Sound Design

Elevate Your Videos With Sound Design

Becoming a better filmmaker comes with mastering sound design – so says Dean Rojas, a travel videographer and cinematographer based in Portland, Oregon.

In this episode, sound design is discussed and dissected as the art form of its own that it is. Moving image really doesn’t have proper impact unless complementary sound - both track and effects most often - gets added in.

“This is a fundamental tool for successful video,” Dean explains, as it gives rhythm, cohesiveness and deeper element connecting viewer and content. He explains that “sound design” is a process of creating a soundscape to carry throughout your content and serving as a fundamental tool for successful video.

First things first, Dean suggests choosing your music track. But this comes with a warning: Be prepared to spend a lot of time choosing the right track! The right track is out there, especially with Epidemic Sound’s music library with its expansive search function and favouriting functionality for ease of choosing in future. You need a track that fits with your style, genre and what’s being shown on screen.

Then, elevate your production by adding an additional, second layer on top of that in the form of sound effects. “Everything you hear in a movie… is added in post,” Dean explains (yes, even the dialogue a lot of the time!) which is exactly what this Creator’s Lab cinematographer is showcasing in this episode, how to add those sound effects that really hit home what’s being showcased on the big or little screen.

Ambience and mood sounds are also known as ‘diagetic’ sounds, which basically means these reflect and enhances what you see on the screen. Just like in this video, Dean talks through a nature video where the crunch of grass and the sounds of climbing a ladder heighten the senses – so what you see and what you hear go together to make more of a maximum effect for the viewer.

Want to become a better filmmaker? Dean suggests practising with sound and getting better at it, and you’ll be quickly on your way to mastering filmmaking and cinematography.

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