TwitchCon Europe was an amazing event for streamers on the platform. TwitchCon EU was the first time the convention occurred outside of North America. In fact, fear about the event and the limited details they provided hindered some of the PR going into it.

That said, they still managed to do an incredible job with the news releases. If anything, TwitchCon EU will be remembered as a platform news event above anything else. In case you missed all the exciting announcements made at TwitchCon EU, here is a summary of each.

Twitch Search Getting an Upgrade

One of the issues that Twitch has had with their platform is discoverability. As a streamer, it is incredibly difficult to be found on the platform. The search feature has largely been a way to find a specific username – but you already need to know who you’re looking for. Twitch has committed to improving search dramatically. They are rebuilding it with features that include faster and smarter search results, historic recall, and a new results page. It will also feature auto-completion and suggestions. The first upgrade will occur in June, with more updates occurring through the coming months and years.

New Sorting Methods Coming to Twitch

Currently, Twitch organizes each directory based on the view count. The more viewers you have, the higher you rank on the page. That’s how it’s been for nearly a decade. People have asked for more options for years – and finally, Twitch is providing them. Starting in June, Twitch will be offering four sorting parameters in each directory. The default will continue to be high-to-low, but will now provide low-to-high. There will also be a Recently Started sorting option, which will allow you to find streamers early into their streams. Finally, they are also adding a ‘Recommended’ feature, which will provide streamers in order of how likely you are to like their content.

Recaps will be Auto-Generated

Twitch Highlights are a fantastic way to show off your content, and Twitch announced that they are getting smarter. One of the new features is called Recaps and will generate a highlight reel from each stream based on some machine learning capabilities. The primary driver of such Recaps is clips caught by your community, but also other indicators that may suggest an important moment. It’s something exciting to look forward to!

Twitch Rivals Continues to Grow

Rivals is a platform that sees creators go head-to-head in competition live on the platform. That competition is going to continue to grow with new games, extensions, and formats in the months and years to come. Along with all the new competitions, there will be millions in prizes to earn as well!

Twitch Sings was Released

Twitch Sings is a first of its kind karaoke game designed only to use and stream via Twitch. With a selection of songs, Twitch Sings offers audience participation and collaboration opportunities. Best of all, it is completely free. Twitch Sings was in private beta until TwitchCon EU but is now open and accessible to all.

Expansion on Bounty Boards

Bounty Boards are a way for partnered streamers to make money by playing games or promoting products in exchange for cash. The boards themselves allow streamers to look at what’s available, see roughly how much they would make and then actively do them live. They have previously been limited to Canada and the United States, but are now being expanded to France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Payment Terms Changed

Perhaps the biggest piece of news is the change to payment terms. Payments are now made Net-15, which means 15 days after the month ends – the streamer gets paid. Before this, both Partners and Affiliates were being paid Net-45, having to wait an entire month and a half to receive their payments. This change helps streamers manage their finances.

That was everything announced at TwitchCon EU 2019. What were you most excited about and what would you like to see them announce at TwitchCon NA 2019?

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