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10 Times Being a YouTuber Made Your Day

10 Times Being a YouTuber Made Your Day

Being a YouTuber can really get you down in the dumps sometimes. I mean, you’re open for the whole world to criticise you, hate on you and make your life a living hell.

However through all the emotional ups and downs, there are things that can literally make your day! Incredible satisfaction can come from the smallest of things. We know that you've experienced one of these times where being a YouTuber has made your day.

When a bigger YouTuber leaves a comment

Being recognized by a bigger YouTuber is like a pro-athlete saying 'you'll be in this league one day' to an amateur! The feeling of hope is enough to keep you going for weeks!

When a video hits a new record for views

It doesn't matter if your record was 10 views, 1000, or 100,000. Getting more views than your best is a huge achievement! Hard work pays off!

When you hit a milestone subscriber count

Much like how good it feels when you get a record number of views, a subscriber milestone feels AMAZING! You wanna personally thank each and every one of your subscribers...kiss them, hug them, shower them with love!

When you get way more in AdSense than you expected

AdSense rates are low, but sometimes you take a look at your account and it's way more than you expected! It's like finding a crumpled bill at the bottom of your bag! And who doesn't love a bit of extra cash? #treatyoself

When someone leaves a long and complimentary comment

Alright all comments are pretty awesome, and IDK about you but sometimes when a viewer takes time out of their day to say how much your content means to them, it’s like DAAAAAANG that feels good!

When you get a perfect fit brand deal

Coming across brand deals is hard enough as it is. You turn them time after time (like, no your detox tea does not suit my brand, I don’t care how many free sample you want to send me). So when you meet ‘the one’, it’s a match made in heaven!

When your audience loves the content that involves a brand deal

Perhaps better than the perfect fit brand deal is when your audience loves the video you create as part of it! You are always nervous when posting branded content - it sometimes scares audiences because it’s sponsored. So when you see the view count rise, you’re like ‘Aw yeahh!’

YAS! Suck it to the man! You knew you had the right to use the content or it fell under fair use, but having a claim released is actually the best feeling ever! Redemption at last!

That traffic though. Yes the boost is HUGE! It's enough to make you want to dance...but you can’t...you’re still sponging off the library wifi.

When you create something you love and ANYONE sees it

Yeah I’m gonna end corny. Let's be honest - it's amazing when anyone watches your content! Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

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10 Times Being a YouTuber Made Your Day
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