To support you as an up & coming creative, we offer you free access to our professional library of over 25,000 tracks & 30,000 SFX used by the best broadcasters, mega-youtubers and production companies across the world.

While you are a student at one of the affiliate schools, you may use our full library for any non-commercial student or portfolio work through a free attribution license.
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Do you represent a creative school and wish to be included in the license? Please get in touch at hello@epidemicsound.com

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What is the Student Attribution License?

The Student Attribution License means that you can use our entire library freely and for free in your student projects. In return, all we ask is that you credit (attribute) Epidemic Sound and our wonderful composers in your project description on the platforms where you upload the videos.

Q: What kind of work can I use it for?

The Student attribution license can be used for any non-commercial student project, such as case movies for school projects, self promotional films, private non-commercial and non-paid projects, and personal portfolio.

Q: What kind of work can’t I use it for?

The student attribution license is not valid for any production that is monetized (including on youtube), or for commercial use. For these types of productions, you’ll need to purchase a license for the music that you use.

How it works

Students attending any of our affiliate schools can sign up through this page using their student email. Signing up will give you a student account with access to unlimited downloads so that you can try out our music without limitations. When you use our music or SFXs in a student project, simply attribute the composer and Epidemic Sound to use our music for free.

How to attribute
Add the info below in the description of your video projects:

Music: [Track title] by [Composer]
Epidemic Sound - www.epidemicsound.com