Frequently Asked Questions


What rights are included?

All rights are included! Forget sync rights, mech rights, master rights and public performance rights – we include EVERYTHING.

What are my options when licensing a track?

Our Standard License is our general purpose license, covering everything from use on YouTube, branded content and corporate video to use in a TV or Radio broadcast.

For use of a track in an advertisement spot or commercial (i.e. use in paid ad space), we have our Advertising License. Just specify the target market and platform, and you're good to go. This license also includes use of your spot on your company website or social media channels.

For all other use-cases, please contact us for a quote.

What does Royalty Free music mean?

The term "royalty free music" is old, and until recently it has implied one thing: that there are no mechanical/synchronization costs associated with the music. Epidemic Sound's definition of royalty free goes further. Not only is the music free from mechanical/synchronization costs, it is also free from public performance costs. In addition the Epidemic Sound music is both legally and financially cleared for all platforms worldwide. In other words you are always free to use the musical content on all platforms available wherever you are without any further costs or legal negotiations. We call this all rights included.

Is Epidemic Sound's music registered with any Public Rights Performance societies?

No, we and our composers are not members of any collecting society. This means that no PRO can collect any public performance fees from you for using our music, which is the case with many other libraries.

Can I use Epidemic Sound's music as theme music and/or as channel identifications and sound logos?

Yes, but for this type of usage you need a special license so that we can make sure that we can pay our composers fairly. For more information, please contact sales at