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Dear MCN partners!

February 26, 2015

STOCKHOLM – February 26th, 2015 – Many of you may have heard the recent news regarding MCNs being attacked with lawsuits over music use that was seemingly ‘royalty free’.

The Hollywood Reporter

This will never happen when you use production music from Epidemic Sound. We eliminate the risk associated with licensing music and ensuing troll like behaviour. By working directly with composers and therefore owning our music 100% we’ve built a model perfect for online video.

We are the only production music library that controls all its own rights. In almost all other libraries the copyrights are mass generated but the underlying authors of the music are not compensated through the sync blankets that are sold to MCNs. This means that an author could go directly to an MCN and claim damages after he/she pulls their rights from the production music library unbeknown by an editor (or affiliated channel) at an MCN. There is also a huge risk that this will occur if an MCN or any of its affiliated channels does not submit music cue sheets to a collecting society if they are using a ”public performance” library who have an obligation towards their authors to generate revenue form public performance and such revenue is distributed based on the music cue sheets as submitted by the content creators. This is very similar to the case as described in the article.

We are the only library in the world that is truly royalty free (including public performance) on a global scale which gives you much more flexibility, total transparency, and no risk.

Thanks again for being a partner to Epidemic Sound and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Benjamin Page, Head of Online Video Platforms at Epidemic Sound


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